WIN: Sushi School at YO! Sushi

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WIN: Sushi School at YO! Sushi

We can learn a lot about cultures through traditional foods and cuisines. Trying different cuisines can open up your taste buds and your mind to an international outlook!

Sushi is one of the many traditional cuisines of Japan and we're giving you the chance to learn to make some! Sushi School is an interactive and fun class where you will learn how to cut fish, how to roll different types of sushi and how to cook the perfect sushi rice.

Once you've rolled all your dishes you will get to take your sushi home, along with a professional sushi rolling mat and a guide to sushi making so you can roll your own at home!

What: Sushi School for two.

When: Sushi School takes place every Sunday between 10am - 12pm. If you win we will ask for your preferred date.

Where: YO Sushi, 78 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 2ER.

This reward is part of GlobeScotters, bringing international experiences to Scotland’s young people.

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