APPLY: 1-2-1 Bike Mechanics Class


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APPLY: 1-2-1 Bike Mechanics Class

The Bike Station Glasgow offers a wide range of great mechanics courses, from teaching the basics to giving you the skills to keep your bike on the road and avoid those heavy workshop bills!

What: Bring your bike along to The Bike Station Glasgow and your own personal mechanic will guide you through some handy bike maintenance checks. You will learn:

  • About basic bike set up
  • Puncture repair
  • How to clean your bike
  • What to look for and how to assess for damage, component wear etc, do basic pre-ride safety checks
  • How to remove and replace wheels, the use of quick release skewers, tyre inflation and pressure, how to remove brakes

When: The class will last for 2 hours. Dates will be arranged upon confirming your Reward

Where: The Bike Station Glasgow, 65 Haugh Road, Glasgow, G3 8TX

How: Tell us why you love going out on your bike!

Please note: If you are aged under 16 then you must be accompanied to the class by a parent, guardian or responsible adult aged 18 or above

This activity is part of #ActiveRewards - providing opportunities, supporting participation and encouraging more young people to be more active, more often.

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