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TAKE PART: Good Food Nation Consultation

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Keep Scotland Beautiful is inviting you to add your views to a national consultation!

Is Scotland a good food nation? A good food nation will look different to different people, but we all need to eat so it affects us all. The consultation is all about what legislation (laws) we should have to achieve this. Keep Scotland Beautiful have resources designed to support you to make an informed response!

It’s easy to take part! Use the resources to help you:

  • Discuss. Vote. Explain.
  • Submit your reply online.

Keep Scotland Beautiful think it's really important that you have your voice represented in this consultation about the future. There are lots of reasons to take part!

  • Tell the Scottish Government about what is important to you about food.
  • Make sure that your local knowledge is included in decisions about our future.
  • Discuss your ideas on issues such as food banks, climate change, and school food.
  • Take part in the process of creating new law in Scotland.

Find out more and download resources at the Keep Scotland Beautiful website. Collect 100 points for sharing your views!

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