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TELL US: Dear Historic Environment Scotland

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This activity finishes on 01 February 2019

In the Year of Young People 2018, Young Scot announced a unique discount: £1 entry to all Historic Environment Scotland and National Trust for Scotland sites! We would like to find out your thoughts and experiences of Historic Environment Scotland and the discount.

Share your experience with us to make your voice heard and collect 200 points!

Wondering what to write? You can think about:

•How often you visit Historic Environment Scotland/National Trust for Scotland sites and if this has changed during 2018.

•If you visit historical/cultural sites managed by other organisations.

•If you have used the discount or not and why.

•Any other ways that Historic Environment Scotland could engage or encourage young people to get involved in their work (e.g. volunteering opportunities, work placements, involvement in service design, etc).

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