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Neighbourhood, community, your home… there are many different words to describe the place you live but all of it is based on the land that surrounds us all!

Whether that land is housing, parks, woods, shops, industrial, allotments, social space, vacant or derelict. Decisions on how the land that surrounds us where we live can have a wide effect and impact many people.

The Scottish Land Commission is working with Young Scot to understand how much of a say you feel you have over these decisions in your town/city. We also want to know if and how you would like to be involved in the decisions about the way the land is used around you and what opportunities you would like to see being offered by the land in your town/city.

The Scottish Land Commission was set up to make more of Scotland’s land so that everyone benefits from the ownership, management and the way we use our land and buildings – wherever you live.

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