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QUIZ: What is the 2018 European Championships?

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Are you ready for #The Moment?

A new era in world sport will get underway this summer as Glasgow and Berlin host the inaugural European Championships — an exciting new multi-sport event bringing together some of the continent’s leading sports.

Starting on 2nd August the Championships will take Scotland's sporting reputation to the next level!

But how much about the 11 day celebration of world class sport do you know? Take our European Championships quiz to see how much you know about the event and collect 25 points!

It's more than just a sporting event....

Festival 2018 is the fun-filled cultural programme of the Glasgow 2018 European Championships with live music, circus, dance, theatre, visual art and much more at city-centre festival sites, venues and in communities, bringing a carnival atmosphere to the 11 days of sporting action!

Why not join in the Festival 2018 Carnival Procession to mark the start of the event? It's free and open to all!

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