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How often do you upsize?

To make sure we don’t end up eating and drinking more than we need or than we'd want, Food Standards Scotland are asking us to keep an eye out for upsizes when we're out.

We’ve all done it. You pop into a restaurant, café, newsagent or cinema with the aim of picking up a drink or maybe a bite to eat, and before you know it you’ve just bought a much bigger portion or added something you hadn’t wanted . How did that happen?

It’s known as ‘upsizing’, and it’s really common. It’s about being asked if you want to ‘go large’, ‘make a meal of it’, ‘add a side’ or get something ‘extra'. It can be very easy for us to say yes to upsizes, especially when it feels like a good deal, but we don’t have to! It’s up to us to say ‘no thanks’ to those extra calories. It all adds up. Saying yes to upsizing, could lead to an upsized you!

Collect 25 points when you take our #NoToUpsizing quiz and see just how many extra calories you could be getting when you order those extra portions!

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