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VIDEO: How the Outdoors Makes Me Feel #Active

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'It makes me feel happy!'

'I feel like I can achieve anything!'

'I get such a great sense of adventure!'

Most people believe that being outdoors is good for us and when we're surrounded by the fresh air it can bring us happiness!

It doesn't matter if you're walking to work or trekking Scotland's beautiful landscapes the feeling of being outdoors can bring so many physical and mental health benefits.

Here at Active Rewards HQ we want to hear from you and how you feel when you're outdoors!

To kick us off we have the amazing Xander who is a young Cairngorms Nature Ambassador. He shares with us why he loves being active outdoors and what it means to him.

Tell us how you feel when you're outdoors and collect 50 points! We'll share the best answers on the website.

**This activity is part of #YSActiveRewards - encouraging more young people to be more active more often in the outdoors!

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