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READ: Discover Parkour with Robbie Griffith #Active

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"The outdoors for me is like one massive playground."

Robbie Griffith from Coatbridge is a professional Parkour athlete and travels the world spreading the positive messages of being active in this unique sport. Robbie also specialises in trampolining and has ambitions of a career as a professional stunt athlete.

Check out Robbie in action as he explains Parkour from their point of view.

Inspired? You can watch more of Robbie's videos on their YouTube channel.

Parkour has become one of the most popular urban sports in recent years. The sport involves physically overcoming barriers on any given route, creating inventive but practical ways in which from get from A to B as efficiently as possible.

There are currently 7 Parkour clubs in Scotland and are open to all ages and abilities. If you want to #GiveParkourAGo you can check out Parkour UK to see if there is a club near you.

Find out more about Scotland's Parkour clubs and collect 25 points!

Please note: The safest place to learn Parkour is in a club environment with the help of a coach. Do not attempt to try this without proper training!

This article is part of #ActiveRewards - encouraging more young people to be more active more often.

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