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COMPLETE: Safety on School Buses/Coaches Letter

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A new law will be enacted in Scotland later this year requiring seat belts to be fitted on all dedicated school transport (not public buses). This covers vehicles used for home-to-school journeys and for excursions. You can find out more about this here.

The law is about the fitting of seat belts not the wearing of them but it presents a key opportunity to encourage users to buckle-up and to promote safety on school journeys. National guidance and publicity accompanying the law will promote the wearing of seat belts, helping to instil positive lifelong habits in relation to the safety benefits.

Transport Scotland want to gather anonymous letters about your thoughts and experiences of seat belts on school transport, particularly buses and coaches. Your response will help shape and inform these national guidelines by sharing your experiences and views!

Wondering what to write? Think about:

  • Does having everyone in their seat and buckled-up help create a positive or negative environment during a journey?
  • What is it like travelling on school transport journeys in general – are there many rules on things like safety?
  • What kind of thing would make you more likely to wear a seat belt? Do you think there are particular ways of communicating the safety messages relating to seat belts to young people, that would make them take more notice?
  • Do some young people not wear seat belts due to peer pressure, or seeing others not buckle-up? What might help with this?

Your story may be used as part of reports produced by Young Scot or Transport Scotland and will remain completely anonymous. We will request basic information like age, location and gender identity to help map out all of the stories.

If you would like to take part in a quantitative survey on this topic, you can complete the Safety on School Buses/Coaches Survey here.

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