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SIGN UP: Walk the Year 2018 Challenge

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Year of Young People 2018 is here!

Do you love the outdoors? Are you an active person or are you trying to be more active? Are you registered to Connect Your Tech and would like an extra challenge?

For the first time ever in 2018 we have created an exciting Connect Your Tech step challenge called Walk the Year!

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What is Walk the Year?

  • Teams of four Connect Your Tech users are challenged to walk 2018 kilometers across three months in 2018 (April, May and June)
  • Every day you should aim to complete 7000 steps - remember to sync your account!
  • Your team's progress will be shown on our Walk the Year Challenge table
  • There will be loads of outdoor Rewards, information, hints and tips to keep you motivated throughout
  • As a reward when you complete your 2018 kilometers you and your team will be able to take part in an Ultimate Adventure Weekend later in the year!

How do you get involved?

  • Sign up on the Walk the Year registration page and collect 250 points

Are there any rules?

  • You must be signed up to Connect Your Tech to take part

  • You must take part as a team of four. We can allocate you team members if you don't have a team!

We're sure you've got lots more questions so check out our 'How to Walk the Year' article for lots more information and details!

This activity is part of #ActiveRewards - encouraging more young people to be more active more often in the outdoors in 2018!

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