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SUBMIT: 500 Poems, 500 Places

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The Scottish Makar, Jackie Kay, has taken residency with Young Scot as part of Year of Young People 2018. During the year, Jackie is working with Young Scot to encourage more people to share their voices and express themselves through poetry!

500 Poems, 500 Places is a project to encourage you to create, share and influence others through poetry. By the end of YoYP 2018, we want to have 500 poems collected, inspired by the theme of ‘place’.

Place doesn’t just have to mean where you live, or somewhere you visit; place could mean how you perceive yourself, your place in society and the world you live in. Place can be literal, figurative or imaginary; it can be anything that inspires you!

Your poem can be anything from a Haiku to a limerick, you can rhyme or you can free verse. What’s important is that the poem has been created by you!

Submit your poem and collect 150 points!

If you need some help getting started check out our tips for how to write poetry.

Find out more about 500 Poems, 500 Places here.

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