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TAKE PART: PAS Youth Volunteer Programme

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Are you keen to develop new skills, meet great people and have fantastic experiences? PAS are now recruiting volunteers to complete their Youth Volunteer Award and you can collect Young Scot Rewards points for all the amazing things you do!

The PAS Youth Volunteer Programme is a fun, flexible volunteer opportunity which aims to fit with your skills and interests, all while encouraging and supporting you and others to be active citizens.

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Collect Rewards points when you:

  • Submit an application to become a Youth Volunteer (150 points)
  • Attend a Youth Volunteer orientation session (250 points)
  • Attend further training sessions (150 points)
  • Every 2 hours of recorded volunteering (150 points)
  • Submit a blog about being a Youth Volunteer (250 points)

When you become a volunteer you will receive an Information Pack and Activity Log to record your PAS journey!

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