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Inspiring Purpose is a Character Discovery Activity. The programme is designed to help you explore your character, ideals and values and concludes by asking you questions about the type of person you want to become, your vision for a better world and the action that you can take to bring this vision to life. It has been proven to help young people set more informed and ambitious goals for their future.

All you have to do is:

  • Request a poster template by completing the form below
  • Fill out the questions on the poster
  • Email your completed poster back to Inspiring Purpose
  • You'll then be sent a certificate which will include your 250 points!

You can find more information to help complete this activity here.

Please note: Your poster will not be shared publicly without your consent.

This activity is part of #iwill Rewards; supporting you to make a difference. Check out our other #iwill opportunities on our campaign page.

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