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COMPLETE: Design Your Own Treasure Trail

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Global Treasure Apps and Global Movie Trails are inviting you to create and design your very own Global Treasure Trail!

Do you need some inspiration about how to create a treasure trail?

Watch this great video by the Edinburgh College Global Treasure App Project.

Here is how you can build your ideas into a fun and interactive treasure trail:

  1. Where is your trail? Map it out with GPS coordinates.

  2. What story do you want to tell? Come up with a question for each stop on the trail.

  3. What do you want people to learn? Tell us some interesting information at each stop, this can be in text, audio, video.

  4. Upload your trail and it will be added to the Global Treasure App!

You can earn even more Reward points by downloading the Global Treasure Trail and Global Movie Trail apps.

This activity is part of #ActiveRewards - providing opportunities, supporting participation and encouraging more young people to be more active, more often.

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