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Volunteer with the Dynamic Youth Awards

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Are you aged between 10 and 14 years old? Do you enjoy a challenge? Well, the Dynamic Youth Awards could be just what you are looking for.

To do the Dynamic Youth Awards you have to plan, do and review an activity that you and your team have set up. Then you fill in a Dynamic Youth Awards challenge sheet which is broken up into four areas. These are called:

Plan It

Do it

Record it

Peer Assessment *

(* This means you need to impress the people that you are working with if you want to pass! *)

You could plan an event to bring young people together, or organise trips for groups of other young people. Once you finish and pass your assessment, you get an award! Plus, as part of the Give to Get scheme, you earn points through volunteering.

For more information speak to a teacher or youth worker and get them to visit the Dynamic Youth Awards website because you need to be part of a registered group (this is easy to set up!).

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