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Terms and Conditions Summary

Here are some of the key facts from the terms and conditions for the Young Scot Rewards. This is a summary version. Please make sure you also read it in full to find out your full rights and responsibilities:

How it works

  • Under Young Scot Rewards, young people are able to collect points from participating in activities or opportunities. These are offered either by Young Scot, or other participating organisations.
  • By collecting these points, you will be able to claim, enter or apply for rewards based on the number of points you have. These rewards are provided by third parties providers and Young Scot.

Collecting points

  • To join Young Scot Rewards:

1.You need to register and create an account on the Rewards platform: You will need to let us know:

  • Your Young Scot NEC Card number
  • Your full name Your date of birth
  • Your email address
  • Your chosen password
  • Your postcode

2.Once you have registered with us for Rewards, you can collect points from doing a variety of online and offline activities. You can find these on the Rewards platform (

You will be given points based on each activity, as described on the activity’s page. These will be given to you once you have successfully completed the activity, via one of four ways:

  • Online: if you have completed an online activity, the points code will be given to you automatically via the Rewards platform.
  • Offline via the Young Scot NEC card: If it is an offline activity, there may be an organiser from the activity host or Young Scot who will have a card reader. Collect your points by swiping it, although there may be a slight delay in the points reaching your account.
  • Offline via a voucher: if you have received a voucher for your Young Scot points, you can log into your Rewards account online and type in the voucher code.
  • Offline via barcode: you might have been given a barcode that can give you Rewards points by swiping.

Your Rewards account tells you how many points you have collected so far. If you don’t believe this is accurate, get in touch and let us know your reasons and any evidence that you might have.

Your points cannot be transferred to someone or somewhere else. You also cannot exchange your points for money.

It is up to Young Scot if we decide to change the number of points we award for each activity. It is also up to us if we decide to award additional points to any young person taking part in Young Scot Rewards.

Achievements and Rewards

With the points you have collected, you can:

  • Claim, enter or apply for a Reward, or
  • Be eligible to be selected for a Reward

Young Scot or the Rewards provider might ask to see your Young Scot NEC card and reference number when you claim a Reward.

To claim a Reward, you will need to enter a separate agreement that is directly between you and the Rewards provider, about how they provide you with the Reward. Young Scot will not be involved in this agreement and we are also not responsible for it.


It is up to Young Scot to decide who can and cannot take part in the Rewards programme. We don’t have to give you notice if we decide that you can no longer participate.

To be part of the programme, you must be between 11 years old and 26 years old.

There are four situations where Young Scot can disqualify your account from the programme, and either expire all of the points you have collected or deduct points from your account:

  • If you don’t comply fully to our Rewards User Terms and Conditions, or if we think you are ineligible to take part in the Rewards programme
  • If you have been abusive, offensive or behaved in an unacceptable manner to any staff from Young Scot, the points providers, or Rewards providers
  • If you have been dishonest or even illegal in claiming, collecting or using your points
  • If you have allowed anyone other than yourself or Young Scot to access your Rewards account

Once you have been removed or disqualified from the Rewards programme, your points will expire and you will not able to claim any Rewards that you might have been able to previously.

Variation, suspension or termination

Young Scot has the right to change or suspend these Terms and Conditions to the Rewards programme. The most current version is available on the Rewards platform. We also have the right to terminate the programme altogether, but we will let you know via the platform with as much notice as possible if this happens. It is therefore very important that you check our latest updates regularly on our Rewards platform.

We might close your account if you have a Rewards account that has not earned any points for 12 months.

The points that you collect may automatically expire after 12 months.

Some Rewards may also have an expiry date – you will not be able to claim the reward after this expiry date.

Data protection and data sharing

Check out our privacy policy ( to see how we process your information

We will only share your information with our carefully selected Points providers and Rewards providers who participate in the Rewards programme and, if applicable, their group companies. This will only be done for the organisation and administration of the Rewards programme. By take part in the Rewards programme, you agree to have your information be used in this way.


Once you have claimed a Reward with your points, Young Scot is no longer responsible for your Reward, because you will be entering a new and separate set of terms and conditions directly with the Rewards provider. It will also be entirely up to your Rewards provider to honour your claim.

If you use your Reward points to claim a voucher or ticket, be aware that it might have an expiry date and that it might also have additional terms and conditions attached.

Young Scot is not responsible for any direct and indirect loss or damage caused to you or a third party, by your participation in the Rewards programme.


You cannot transfer any of your rights or responsibilities under the Rewards programme to anyone else. Young Scot can however transfer our rights and responsibilities to any business that we subcontract, purchase or are sold to.

You are responsible for keeping your login details to your Rewards account safe. Young Scot cannot be responsible for any unauthorised login or use of your Rewards points.

The Rewards User Terms and Conditions are governed by Scottish law. So if you want to raise any legal dispute with us, it will be subject to the Scottish courts.


If You wish to delete your registered rewards account please contact Us on