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Young Scot Enterprise is a Scottish registered charity (SC029757) and is a company limited by guarantee (202687) with its registered office at Rosebery House, 9 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5EZ ("Young Scot"), and has developed a national rewards scheme for all young people aged 11 to 26 (the “Rewards Scheme").

Under the Rewards Scheme, young people will be able to collect points (“Points”) in exchange for participating in activities or opportunities offered by Young Scot and other participating organisations from time to time ("Points Providers").

Young people who collect these points (the “Points”) will be awarded virtual achievements based on the number of points they have accumulated. Young people will be able to claim rewards (each a “Reward”) provided by third parties (“Reward Providers”) after being awarded specific achievements.

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) set out the basis on which the Rewards Scheme shall operate, including (without limitation) how young people may participate in the Rewards Scheme. A young person is referred to as "You" in these Terms.

1 Collecting Points

1.1 To join the Rewards Scheme You must register and create an account (the “Rewards Account”) at the Reward Scheme’s portal, accessible at URL https://rewards.youngscot.org (the “Portal”) by creating a username and password.

1.2 Once You have registered at the Portal and joined the Rewards Scheme, You can then accumulate Points through a variety of online and offline activities set out in the Portal (the “Activities”) arranged by Points Providers.

1.3 You will be awarded Points at such rate and in respect of such Activities as Young Scot sets out in the Portal, from time to time.

1.4 Upon successful completion of an Activity, Points will be credited to Your Rewards Account:

1.4.1 automatically if the Activity is completed online via the Portal;

1.4.2 by swiping Your National Entitlement Card for Young People (“NEC Card”) in the card reader provided by a Points Provider (in which please note that there may be a time delay in Points being credited to Your Rewards Account) ; or

1.4.3 upon redemption of the code on a voucher provided by a Points Provider, by logging into your Rewards Account in the Portal and inputting the voucher code when prompted; or

1.4.4 by swiping a relevant barcode provided by a Points Provider.

1.5 You can view the number of Points You have accrued by viewing your Rewards Account via the Portal. A Rewards Account Points total which you believe is inaccurate will be corrected if You can show to Young Scot’s reasonable satisfaction that it is inaccurate. However, in the absence of records proving inaccuracy, Young Scot’s decision is final.

1.6 Points collected cannot be transferred to another person, another Rewards Account, or another company. In addition, Points do not constitute Your personal property and do not have monetary value and therefore You may not exchange Points for cash or money.

1.7 Young Scot may award additional Points to any young person participating in the Rewards Scheme at its absolute discretion and as it deems appropriate.

1.8 Young Scot reserves the right to change the number of Points required for a particular activity at any time.

2 Achievements and Rewards

2.1 When You have reached a specific Points level, as defined in the Portal, You will be awarded a virtual achievement indicating Your achievement.

2.2 Specific achievements will entitle You to: i) claim; or ii) to be eligible to be selected for, a Reward attached to that achievement. You will be able to view the available achievements and the Reward(s) attached to each achievement on the Portal.

2.3 Upon being awarded with a achievement, You will be notified in your Rewards Account and by email. This communication will also provide written instructions describing how: i) to choose and claim Your Reward; or ii) You have become eligible for selection for a Reward, and any applicable conditions. You will be provided with a unique reference number which You must present to the Rewards Provider in order to choose or claim Your Reward.

2.4 You must have Your Young Scot National Entitlement Card registered on the Portal to be able to claim a Reward. The Rewards Provider may ask to see Your card and unique reference number when You claim the Reward.

2.5 Claiming a Reward will be subject to a separate agreement between You and a Reward Provider, acting as principal and not as agent. These separate agreements addressing the provision of the Rewards are made directly between You and the relevant Rewards Provider, and Young Scot has no responsibility for the quality, standard or provision of the Reward or the failure of any Rewards Provider or other person to honour any Reward or discount.

2.6 It is possible that, despite Young Scot’s best efforts, some of the Rewards displayed may not be available when You are entitled to it. If this comes to Young Scot’s attention when You come to claim Your Reward, Young Scot will either contact You, or reject Your choice and notify You of such rejection. Young Scot is under no obligation to provide a Reward to You.

3 Participation

3.1 Young Scot shall, in its sole discretion, determine who can and who cannot participate in the Rewards Scheme. Young Scot may withdraw the right to participate in the Rewards Scheme to any young person or persons at any time without notice.

3.2 At all times during the period of Your participation in the Rewards Scheme (including, for the avoidance of doubt, as at the date of claiming Reward(s)) You must be between the ages of 11 years old and 26 years old.

3.3 Young Scot reserves the right to disqualify You and to treat all Your accumulated Points and unclaimed Rewards as having expired (and Young Scot shall not be liable to You for the expiry of such Points or Rewards), or alternatively deduct Points from Your Rewards Account, without notice (in each case), if:

3.3.1 Your participation in the Rewards Scheme, or redemption or receipt of a Reward, does not comply fully with these Terms, or You are considered by Young Scot to be ineligible to participate in the Rewards Scheme;

3.3.2 You have been abusive or offensive to any employee or personnel of Young Scot, Points Providers, or Rewards Providers, or have otherwise behaved in an unacceptable manner;

3.3.3 You have engaged in fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or dishonest conduct in accruing, claiming or redeeming Points or otherwise in connection with the Rewards Scheme; or

3.3.4 You have allowed third parties to access Your Rewards Account

3.4 For the avoidance of doubt, if You are removed or disqualified from participation in the Rewards Scheme at any time, and for any reason, Your Points shall expire (and Young Scot shall not be liable to You for the expiry of such Points) and You will no longer be able to claim Rewards You were previously entitled to.

3.5 All decisions made by Young Scot in relation to the Rewards Scheme, including any decisions as to the entitlement to Points or Rewards shall be made entirely by Young Scot in its sole discretion and shall be final and binding in all respects.

4 Variation, suspension or termination

4.1 Young Scot reserves the right to vary or suspend these Terms and/or the Rewards Scheme as determined by Young Scot in its absolute discretion. The current applicable Terms shall be available on the Portal from time to time.

4.2 Young Scot reserves the right to terminate the Rewards Scheme at any time and shall do so by notifying You in writing, by email or notification on the Portal. Should this occur, and with effect from the date of such termination, You shall no longer be eligible to accrue Points or claim Rewards. Young Scot will give You as much notice of termination as it reasonably can, by updating the information on the Portal. It is important that You regularly check the Portal for latest information and updates regarding the Rewards Scheme.

4.3 Young Scot has the right to close any Rewards Account on which no Points have been earned or redeemed for a continuous period of 12 months. With regard to “active” Rewards Accounts, Points accrued may automatically expire after 12 months and Your right to redeem these Points may be lost. Please note that these time limits may change at any time and we advise You to check the Portal for up to date information about these time limits and other important information about the Rewards Scheme. Please note that Rewards may also be subject to an expiry date and that a Reward may not be able to be claimed after the applicable expiry date.


5 Data protection and data sharing

5.1 Young Scot will process information gathered from You pursuant to the Rewards Scheme in accordance with the Young Scot privacy policy accessible at Young Scot’s website at https://rewards.youngscot.org/privacy (the “Privacy Policy”).

5.2 We will only share your information with Points Providers and Rewards Providers participating in the Rewards Scheme and, if applicable, their group companies, for the purpose of the organisation and administration of the Rewards Scheme, and sharing Your information in order for a Reward to be claimed may not always be necessary.

5.3 By participating in the Rewards Scheme you agree to your information being used in this manner.

6 Liability

6.1 By redeeming Points, You shall release Young Scot from all liability arising from all or any Rewards (including a failure by the Rewards Provider to honour a redemption or to make a specific Reward available). The Rewards are subject to any additional terms and conditions (including warranties and limitations of liability) of the Rewards Provider. In particular, please note that where Points are redeemed in return for a voucher or ticket, the voucher or ticket may have an expiry date specified and may also be subject to additional terms and conditions.

6.2 Young Scot excludes all liability and responsibility for any amount or kind of loss or damage that may result to You or a third party (including without limitation any direct, indirect or consequential loss and/or damage) in connection with Your participation in the Rewards Scheme (including, without limitation, in relation to any Points or any redemption of Points or any Rewards acquired or obtained by You), save that Young Scot will credit to the relevant Rewards Account any Points which have been wrongly deducted or should have been credited but were not.

6.3 Nothing in these Terms excludes or limits Young Scot’s liability for:

6.3.1 death or personal injury;

6.3.2 loss or damage caused by fraud (including fraudulent misrepresentation); or

6.3.3 any other loss or damage for which liability may not legally be excluded or limited.

7 General

7.1 Nothing contained in these Terms affects Your statutory rights.

7.2 If any provision of these Terms is held to be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from these Terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

7.3 Any failure or delay by You or us in enforcing (in whole or in part) any provision of these Terms will not be interpreted as a waiver of Your or our rights or remedies.

7.4 You may not transfer any of Your rights or obligations under these Terms. We may transfer any of our rights or obligations under these Terms without Your prior written consent to any business that we enter into a joint venture with, subcontract or otherwise transfer the management or operation of the Rewards Scheme to, purchase, or are sold to.

7.5 You are responsible for the security of any username, password, vouchers, NEC Card Number and/or NEC Card used to claim Points issued and/or redeem Rewards in respect of the Rewards Scheme. Young Scot will not be responsible for any unauthorised use and/or claiming of Rewards caused by any such unauthorised disclosure.

7.6 The headings in these Terms are included for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation.

7.7 Where a word or phrase is defined anywhere in these Terms, that word or phrase will have the meaning given to it in that definition wherever it is used throughout these Terms.

7.8 The expiry or termination of these Terms (for any reason) will not affect any provision of these Terms which are by implication intended to come into or to continue in force on or after such expiry or termination, including those relating to liability, data protection and/or transfer of rights or obligations.

7.9 These Terms constitute the entire agreement between Young Scot and You in relation to the Rewards Scheme and supersede any prior arrangement, understanding or agreement between Young Scot and You in relation thereto. However nothing in these Terms is intended to or will be construed as limiting or excluding any liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

7.10 These Terms will prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials.

7.11 Unless otherwise directed by Young Scot, You shall address all correspondence and communications relating to the Rewards Scheme to Young Scot at the address set out on the Portal. Young Scot assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, destruction or alteration of communications by You.

7.12 These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Scots law. Disputes arising in connection with these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.